Move Forward With Construction

Apply for your building permit today

To ensure your safety and that of those around you, it's essential to obtain the necessary building permits for any project. The City of Sweet Springs makes obtaining permits easy. You can apply for your permit online or in person.

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Do you need a permit?

Building permits are necessary for any major alterations or additions to properties or lots. You'll need to apply for a permit if you're:

  • Changing the blueprint of an existing structure
  • Installing a charging station on your lot
  • Adding a structure to your lot
  • Building a detached garage
  • Pouring a new sidewalk
You may fill out your form in person or online, and an administrator will go over it for approval. Once approved or denied, you'll receive notification of the status of your application via email, fax or in person. Permit applications start at $25. Visit our office today to fill out your form in person.